A drone is a remotely piloted aerial vehicle (APR or UAS in English) and is an aircraft that can carry different types of cameras or cargo, depending on the intended uses.
The drone is defined by national legislation through the Navigation Code and is compared to general aviation with Article 743, following precise rules issued by ENAC and EASA.

The relevant regulations for drones are issued by ENAC through regulations and circulars. ENAC is defined in the Navigation Code ( Royal Decree No. 327 of March 30, 1942 ) in Book One of Part Two of Air Navigation, Art. 687 as the sole technical regulatory authority certification and supervision and control in the field of civil aviation.
It also applies the EU standards for Europe through EASA regulations.

You can find more answers to your questions directly on the website of ENAC, the National Civil Aviation Authority, in the section dedicated to drones.

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In Italy, according to the regulations of the Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 947/2019 and ENAC UAS-IT Regulation, Edition 1 of January 4, 2021, the D-Flight web portal is the single site for map verification. The heights and zones are defined according to ENAC Circular, ATM-09A.

Site: https://www.d-flight.it/web-app/

NB - free registration is required

To be fully compliant it is mandatory to have insurance, to be registered as an operator on D-Flight and to have on all your drones your QR-code from EASA, issued by D-Flgiht.
For almost all drones you must have a pilot certificate, which must be issued by a European aviation authority, except for drones under 250g for which it is not mandatory to have a UAS pilot license.

The European regulations of Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 947/2019 and ENAC UAS-IT Regulation, Edition 1 of January 4, 2021 do not impose a pilot certificate requirement for drones under 250g, so it is not necessary to possess it to conduct harmless drones outside prohibited zones.
Within the Navigation Code, ENAC has the authority to grant certain portions of airspace to entities or private individuals who become the managers for all intents and purposes.
As managers of such zones, entities and private individuals may require certain additional requirements for the issuance of the permit such as, for example, having the pilot certificate.

Registration is mandatory to always have order history, send promotional codes or send invoices.
Data is always handled according to current privacy regulations.
Still in doubt? Read our PRIVACY POLICY.

The assessment of the flying area determines the type of application, the type of permit to be applied for and the costs and is influenced by many factors such as the type of pilot certificate, flying heights, type of drone, etc...
Only our highly qualified team of experts can assess the area and to define the most correct procedure to apply for permits.

The signature on the proxy is necessary to allow our team of experts to request permits and sign for you.
The documentation will be sent exclusively to ENAC, ENAV, EASA and relevant agencies such as prefectures and local police headquarters and parks exclusively for the requested service.
Your privacy will always and at all times be guaranteed according to current regulations.

Of course. The right of withdrawal is always valid until our team sends you the email with the information you requested and/or until the request for flight permits is sent.
Afterwards, and in any case, after you have obtained the requested service, you will no longer be able to use the right of withdrawal.

We are sorry, but in this case it is not possible to obtain reimbursement.
Our team of experienced consultants is trained and qualified to properly apply for flight permits, however, force majeure causes may arise that equally do not allow us to obtain permits but are not directly dependent on us.

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